Veira Joins hands with Samsung for unveiling Tizen OS in the Indian Markets

Veira Joins hands with Samsung for unveiling Tizen OS in the Indian Markets

Veira, a leading OEM specializing in TV Manufacturing for over four decades, proudly introduces Samsung’s revolutionary Tizen operating system across its latest TV range. Tizen OS stands as one of the world's widely used Smart TV operating systems, currently operated and engineered by Samsung Electronics.


Over the past year, Samsung's partnership with various TV manufacturers for Tizen OS has extended to several countries including Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia-Pacific. With the integration of Tizen, Veira aims to elevate Indian smart TVs to international standards. Veira holds the distinguished position as the selected partner for Tizen OS expansion in India with multiple other brands. 


Tizen is broadening its OS availability to multiple TV brands in the country, delivering high specifications and an enhanced experience tailored specifically for Indian consumers. The latest Tizen OS presents a redefined home screen interface, providing users with an intuitive overview of available content, popular titles, and recently viewed shows. This optimizes the user experience by curating personalized content suggestions, ensuring seamless access to preferred programs and a more immersive viewing journey.


With Tizen OS, users can access Samsung TV Plus, which offers a premium entertainment experience with live and on-demand streaming channels. Samsung TV Plus allows users to enjoy a wide range of content without the need for a subscription, additional device, or credit card. Providing 100+ Channels in India, users can enjoy their favourite TV shows and discover new programs through content recommendations with an ever-growing selection of channels covering news, sports, entertainment, and more.The biggest advantage of Samsung TV Plus is its competitive content offerings that enable users to conveniently access a variety of popular content from a single platformMoreover, Bixby, a voice assistant platform within Tizen, elevates user interaction, providing an intuitive and convenient method to explore and navigate through the TV's smart features. Users can tell Bixby to search, watch, or perform various features.

Mr. Ankit Maini at Veira stated, “We are committed to pioneering cutting-edge TV solutions, exemplified by our strategic partnerships with the key players of the Industry. The integration of Tizen OS is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing diverse smart TV choices, ensuring continual enhancement, and delivering superior user experiences.”

Veira launches the latest Tizen OS with 43” to 65” UHD TVs, with plans to expand to larger sizes soon. “The collaboration between Tizen and Veira marks an endeavour to revolutionize the Indian viewing landscape by integrating our cutting-edge OS into their premium TVs.” said Heeyeong Ahn, Head of Tizen Licensing Business at Samsung Electronics.”


Veira Group operates a state-of-the-art facility in Noida, boasting a robust production capacity exceeding 3 million units of Smart TVs annually, contributing to an impressive total output of upto 3 million LED TVs per year.

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