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Amdocs Announces Availability of Amazon Bedrock Services on its amAIz Generative AI Platform

Amdocs Announces Availability of Amazon Bedrock Services on its amAIz Generative AI Platform

Amdocs , a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, announced the availability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Generative AI services in Amdocs' TelcoGPT platform, amAIz. The integration bolsters the ability for Amdocs customers to leverage generative AI to improve network operations, billing communications and customer experience taking advantage of the Foundation Model selection flexibility AWS generative AI services offers.

In the face of new technology rollouts, complex service introductions, and heightened network complexity, communication service providers (CSPs) are grappling with increased costs in network operations and service lifecycle management. At the same time, evolving customer demands around new connected experiences are rendering time-to-market more relevant than ever.

Customers using amAIz already benefit from simplified AI adoption with a unified platform and technology stack capable of capable of supporting daily tasks, helping to improve both efficiency and productivity, and optimizing their network end-to-end lifecycle and speeding up cloud migrations and operations. Now integrated with Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models (FMs) from leading AI companies via a single API, customers have access to a wider selection of proven foundation models and tools needed to build and scale generative AI applications such as:

Bill Experience, an Amdocs SaaS-based offering on AWS, leverages Claude3 on Amazon Bedrock. It can now recommend, help design and build better, faster, and more impactful bill presentations and customer communications to improve satisfaction and reduce calls to customer care.

Amdocs' Cloud Consulting Services is now equipped with AWS generative AI services allowing both telecommunication and financial services customers to accelerate generative AI adoption and generate new revenue, as well as modernize and migrate legacy applications to AWS faster and with reduced risk.

The integration will also help CSPs to streamline network and service operations. Powered with generative AI, engineers can receive root cause analysis and capacity enhancement recommendations, ensuring smoother service delivery. If a negative pattern is detected, engineers are immediately made aware. This brings together complex processing and correlating data from multiple sources in near real-time, enabling field engineers on-site and NOC users to simplify and automate their day-to-day operational tasks. This use case was demonstrated at the AWS booth at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

"Our work with industry partners such as Amdocs is vital to helping accelerate the transformative benefits of generative AI in the telecom industry," said Chivas Nambiar, General Manager, Telco Industry at AWS. "The integration of Amazon Bedrock into Amdocs' amAIz solution brings together Amdocs' deep domain expertise in telecommunications and leading generative AI capabilities from AWS to empower communication service providers with transformative solutions that help drive innovation and business outcomes."

"By making Amazon Bedrock available in our amAIz platform, we're significantly advancing telco-specific generative AI capabilities for CSPs worldwide," said Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy, Amdocs. "This collaboration further ensures that generative AI tasks are matched with the 'best fit' LLM, offering CSPs a cost-effective, telco-specific Generative AI experience that goes beyond experimentation to deliver carrier-grade benefits across the network."


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