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“Healthcare facilities can trust BPE solutions to meet the necessary standards”

“Healthcare facilities can trust BPE solutions to meet the necessary standards”

Noida based Best Power Equipments (BPE) has strategically expanded, by providing power solutions for IT, Industrial and critical equipment, telecom, and Data Centers, not only in India but also in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. Leveraging their AIoT technology platform and intelligent product innovation capabilities, BPE can offer customized power solutions for various healthcare scenarios. They can design UPS systems integrated with AIoT features to monitor power usage, predict failures, and optimise energy efficiency in hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic centres, and research facilities. In an interaction with Mr. Sushil Virmani, Managing Director, Best Power Equipments (BPE) about BPE's AIoT technology platform and future of healthcare infrastructure reliability and resilience.


How does BPE ensure the seamless integration of UPS systems into healthcare facilities' existing infrastructure, particularly in hospitals with complex power requirements?

Here at BPE, we address the power needs of healthcare facilities by seamlessly integrating UPS systems into their existing infrastructure. Our solutions include centralized high-capacity UPS systems, providing backup power to critical areas like operating rooms and medical equipment, as well as distributed UPS systems for redundancy.

These UPS systems, scalable up to 6 megawatts, are cost-effective and can be bundled with Lithium-ion batteries for lower total cost of ownership. This flexibility allows us to tailor solutions to the diverse power requirements of hospitals, diagnostic centers, and research facilities, ensuring optimal performance in each environment.

Could you elaborate on how BPE's AIoT technology platform enhances the performance and efficiency of UPS systems in healthcare settings?

The integration of AIoT technology by BPE enhances the performance and efficiency of UPS systems in healthcare settings. With 24/7 monitoring, preventive maintenance, and diagnostics, potential issues can be identified and addressed before causing downtime. Continuous monitoring of battery health ensures reliability, while remote access through a mobile app provides real-time status updates, empowering users to manage their UPS systems effectively.

In what ways does BPE tailor its power solutions to meet the unique needs of different healthcare scenarios, such as hospitals, diagnostic centres, and research facilities? Can you provide examples of customized solutions provided by BPE?

Recognizing the unique power needs of different healthcare facilities, we offer tailored power solutions. Hospitals, diagnostic centers, and research facilities each have specific requirements, which we address through customized UPS systems.

Modular UPS systems ensure power availability in hospitals, while smaller UPS solutions cater to the targeted needs of diagnostic centers. This approach ensures that healthcare facilities receive solutions optimized for their environment and equipment.

 How does BPE collaborate with healthcare OEMs to integrate UPS systems into medical devices and equipment?

Collaboration with leading OEMs of medical devices is a key aspect of our strategy. By maintaining regular communication, inviting OEMs for demonstrations, and incorporating their feedback, we ensure seamless integration of UPS systems with medical equipment.

This collaboration ensures that our UPS systems deliver robust performance and reliability in medical applications.

What steps does BPE take to ensure that the emergency power infrastructure implemented in healthcare facilities complies with regulatory standards and guidelines, especially regarding patient safety and operational continuity?

Compliance with regulatory standards is a top priority for us, ensuring patient safety and operational continuity.

By working closely with electrical contractors and leveraging our experience, we provide practical guidance and suggest the best solutions for regulatory compliance.

This commitment to compliance ensures that healthcare facilities can trust our solutions to meet the necessary standards.

How does BPE ensure that staff members are adequately prepared to handle power-related issues in critical medical environments?

Recognizing the importance of staff competency in managing power-related issues, we provide extensive training for our clients' staff. This hands-on training equips staff to effectively commission and operate UPS systems, as well as manage critical situations arising from power issues. By empowering staff with the necessary skills and knowledge, we contribute to patient safety and operational efficiency in healthcare settings.

How does BPE envision its role in shaping the future of healthcare infrastructure reliability and resilience?

We envision ourselves as key players in shaping the future of reliable and resilient healthcare infrastructure.

With a wide service network, highly trained staff, and strong spare parts availability, we ensure prompt service and minimal downtime for healthcare facilities. By maintaining a focus on reliability and resilience, we contribute to the advancement of healthcare infrastructure, supporting the delivery of quality care to patients.

What feedback mechanisms are in place to continuously improve and refine the company's offerings based on customer needs and experiences?

Customer feedback is central to our commitment to continuous improvement. Through senior customer feedback sessions and active review by our management team, we gather insights on product performance and overall experience, implementing improvements whenever possible.


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