Data Analytics revolutionizes the traditional retail sector

Data Analytics revolutionizes the traditional retail sector

The retail sector has grown dramatically over the past ten years, thanks to the advent of technology. Every brand is vying for the coveted space to create an impression as the competition grows everyday. For businesses it has now become imperative to utilise cutting-edge marketing tactics to reach their target demographic. The retail industry has discovered the power of data analytics to better understand consumer behaviour, purchasing habits, requirements, and preferences, and then use this information to increase the possibility of a purchase. Those organisations which provide data analytics services, have increased the retail sector's efficiency and are in high demand.


Payoda Technology:

As a partner in digital transformation, Payoda Technology has affected the manufacturing, financial, healthcare, and retail sectors. A US-based retailer's web portal now has 40% more registered users thanks to their most recent solution, Magento 2.X. Task automation resulted in quicker online portal checkout times, which enhanced the user experience and increased traffic. In order to help more consumers save time, the retail behemoth, which has more than 15,000 multiformat locations across about 44 states, hopes to achieve zero downtime. Secure payment methods and automated checkouts never fail to draw clients and aid in the expansion of an eCommerce platform. In the end, it improves the number of registered customers by streamlining the checkout process, automating address verification, and simplifying product management.

Infinite Analytics:

MIT's strong technological capabilities served as the foundation for Infinite Analytics, a Boston-based company that unveiled Sherlock, a cutting-edge AI platform that offers an unmatched degree of client understanding. More than 350 million people worldwide have their daily behaviours tracked and deciphered by Sherlock using state-of-the-art machine learning. With the help of this innovative technology, you can unearth a wealth of consumer signals and make incredibly insightful, game-changing decisions. By making wise site selection decisions in strategic locations, they could completely change your retail approach. This can help you maximise profits, gain knowledge about how to start marketing campaigns to boost foot traffic and revenue at all of your current locations, and refine your product strategy to highlight superior products, employ sensible price options, and enhance inventory control.

Shop Advisor:

ShopAdvisor enables online shoppers to quickly have one-way video chats with industry professionals in order to receive customised shopping advice. In addition to sharing supporting photos and videos from social media and providing live demos, the experts can assist customers in narrowing down their options by allowing them to co-browse. ShopAdvisor helps agencies, brands, restaurants, and retail establishments to implement proximity marketing strategies. The business provides an end-to-end solution that includes post-campaign analysis, rich media creative design and delivery, audience and geographic targeting, and campaign execution, administration, and optimisation.

Retail Next:

A whole range of products for the contemporary merchant is offered by Retail Next. With the most potent traffic technology ever created, IT tracks foot traffic to your stores in real time. Experience rapid access to high-definition recorded video, which lets you conduct your own audits at no extra expense, whenever and wherever you choose. It offers thorough video coverage and quick, simple access to images and video on desktop and mobile devices, protecting your employees, clients, and goods. Thanks to cutting-edge cloud-based technologies, you can quickly access point-of-sale data, video, and picture snapshots, cutting down on investigation time from days to hours. In the interim, you may give your buyers up-to-date data on traffic, dwell times, and conversion rates by product category.




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