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 Costco Travel Deploys Mystifly SSP to Sell and Service Hawaiian Airlines’ Exclusive NDC Content

Costco Travel Deploys Mystifly SSP to Sell and Service Hawaiian Airlines’ Exclusive NDC Content

Mystifly announced that Costco Travel has deployed its Smart Selling Platform (SSP), with an initial focus on gaining access to exclusive Hawaiian Airlines NDC content and efficiently managing post-booking servicing across all content sources. This strategic technology integration expands the flight options available to Costco members and enhances their booking experience. As Mystifly is a HA Connect™ Approved Partner, by deploying Mystifly SSP, Costco Travel can now offer Costco members Hawaiian Airlines flights and functionalities that are only available through HA Connect – such as exclusive Neighbor Island point-to-point flights, frequent flyer personalization, and dynamically priced ancillaries. As an added benefit to Costco Travel, this premium Hawaiian Airlines content does not have a Distribution Cost Recovery Surcharge applied.


Costco Travel, a division of the multi-billion-dollar global retailer Costco, has historically sourced flight packages through a Global Distribution System (GDS). However, with increasingly more airlines such as Hawaiian strategically choosing to only distribute high-value content via NDC, Costco Travel required a technology solution to address current and future air content fragmentation by accommodating multiple air sources (i.e., GDS, NDC, proprietary API, etc.) and seamlessly powering selling and servicing through and its call center.


Following a competitive RFP process, Costco Travel selected the Mystifly platform. The Platform-as-a-Service solution normalizes access to air content from multiple sources via a single connection. This ensures Costco members gain access to the most advantageous deals available when booking travel online or through Costco’s call center agents.


“Our Smart Selling Platform provides the flexibility and agility that travel sellers like Costco Travel need to navigate today's complex distribution landscape,” said Rajeev Kumar, founder, CEO, and MD of Mystifly.  “It provides a future-proof tech stack that insulates a travel seller’s day-to-day operations from unexpected changes in airline sourcing strategies or APIs, along with a robust set of tools for revenue and channel optimization.”


”Mystifly’s SSP enables Hawaiian to provide our HA Connect NDC content to key partners such as Costco while ensuring that it integrates seamlessly into their current business processes,” said Brent Overbeek, EVP & Chief Revenue Officer at Hawaiian Airlines. “We look forward to working with Mystifly and growing our agency business together.” 


In addition to the technology deployment noted above, today Mystifly also unveiled the company’s vision for how SSP technology is streamlining and transforming airline distribution, selling, and servicing.


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