BlackZone Mobiles Unveils BZ Fold

BlackZone Mobiles Unveils BZ Fold

BlackZone Mobiles, a pioneering force in the mobile industry, proudly unveils its latest innovation - the BZ Fold. Crafted to redefine the mobile experience, the feature phone, BZ Fold seamlessly merges cutting-edge features with unparalleled convenience, offering users a sophisticated and functional communication solution.


At the core of the BZ Fold lies its innovative design, showcasing a spacious 2.4-inch screen within a sleek flip phone format. This compact yet robust device effortlessly slips into your pocket, making it the ideal companion for individuals with on-the-go lifestyles. Equipped with a Type-C charger, users can enjoy swift and efficient charging, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity when it matters most.


The BZ Fold boasts an impressive array of features. These include audio call recording capabilities, allowing users to effortlessly capture every crucial conversation. With expandable memory of up to 32 GB, users have ample space to store photos, videos, and files. Moreover, the built-in 2000 mAh battery ensures extended usage without the need for frequent recharging, while the FM radio feature and MP3 and MP4 player provide entertainment on the move.


Additionally, the BZ Fold features a built-in torch for illuminating surroundings in low-light conditions. Its high-quality camera, with 2 MP rear camera guarantees stunning photo and video capture capabilities.


"We are thrilled to introduce the BZ Fold to the market, offering consumers a unique blend of style, functionality, and affordability. BZ Fold is targeted towards consumers who seek the latest mobile features but desire an affordable and dependable product," stated Kannav Thukral, Managing Director, BlackZone Mobiles. "With its innovative design and impressive features, the BZ Fold reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional mobile experiences that enhance everyday life. This product embodies our dedication and years of experience in the Indian market, with one year spent in planning, development, and testing.


Priced affordably at ₹3299, the BZ Fold is poised to revolutionize the mobile industry, providing users with a premium communication device at an unbeatable price point. The product is available for purchase on our website and at all leading mobile stores across the country.


BlackZone remains steadfast in its dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and offering consumers unmatched value and quality in the ever-evolving world of mobile technology.

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