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Atos launches Virtual Infrastructure Proficiency (VIP) Advisory services

Atos launches Virtual Infrastructure Proficiency (VIP) Advisory services

Atos announces the launch of Atos Virtual Infrastructure Proficiency (VIP) Advisory services. This new technology consulting offering will help companies assess their current virtual infrastructure and define a roadmap to deliver their vision for the future.

Whether clients want to keep their current solution, stay on-premises or migrate to a different cloud provider, these market-first virtual infrastructure consulting services will provide guidance on how to optimize the cost of virtual infrastructure and make it more secure, while embracing new technology trends and advancing corporate sustainability goals. The offering is available in Central Europe, Benelux, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

As the infrastructure virtualization industry evolves quickly, Atos VIP Advisory addresses clients' concerns about identifying the potential paths for their large-scale migration and IT modernization initiatives and helps select the vendors to support the best approach. Because there is no single answer to machine, server, storage and networking virtualization, this offering helps enterprises evaluate many potential alternatives that require multiple technologies.

Atos can help clients narrow their options to find the most suitable scope, whether they need to cover existing production workloads or new projects and future architecture. Atos's approach also allows clients to embrace new technology trends like containerization, which overcomes the limitations of traditional virtualization for enhanced agility, resource utilization, application portability and scalability.

The offering includes a thorough analysis of clients' IT infrastructure, business needs and objectives, evaluating their current infrastructure features like availability, carbon emission and resiliency with a focus on current cost and expected cost evolution. This diagnostic evaluation is complemented by tailor-made IT infrastructure value propositions, implementation and cost plans.

Leveraging their business insight and IT expertise, Atos consultants help enterprises better understand the technology environment as well as identify high-risk areas and process optimization opportunities. As a result, the effort required to manage complex virtual IT infrastructures is reduced, while resources can be reallocated to value-added business activities with a direct impact on cost optimization.

Stéphane Richard, Global Head of Technology Services, Atos said "With Atos VIP Advisory, our goal is to continue to enhance our services to ensure that clients operate their businesses at peak efficiency, with a clear roadmap based on well-informed assessment and guidance."

Aleksandra Tyszkiewicz, Head of Technology Consulting, Atos said "Thanks to the 12-week assessment journey delivered by technology experts, Atos empowers clients to make operational and strategic decisions that will reduce the gap between their current virtual infrastructure and their target model."

The assessment of virtual infrastructures is conducted by more than 100 consultants from Technology Consulting, a practice within Atos Technology Foundations. Their hands-on approach is backed by proven methodologies, a unique framework, global capabilities and local presence.

The Atos Technology Consulting practice leverages the abilities of a vast partner ecosystem, integrating industry-leading product-based solutions and services in a customized, best-fit approach.








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